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August 17-20, 2008

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  Tutorial 2: Risk management of distributed software development
Half day tutorial

Distributed software development is increasingly used by the software industry. This tendency may be reasoned in many ways. First, it allows firms and organizations an access to a large pool of software professionals. Second, it may reduce the development costs or shorten the development duration. But, however, compared with traditional way of software development the distributed software development is more risky making the attainment of the excepted results uncertain. This introductory tutorial is designed to provide a perspective on risk management of distributed software development. The presented risk management concepts are discussed focusing on various phases of a distributed software development (DSD) project in respect of risk elimination and risk mitigation.

Intended Audience
Professionals who are interested in learning about the risk management of distributed software development.

Tutorial Level
Introductory. No prior knowledge required

Juho Mäkiö (Department Leader in the Research Centre of Information Technology (FZI) in Karlsruhe, Germany)
Rafael Prikladnicki (Assistant Professor at PUCRS, in Porto Alegre, Brazil)

The goal of this tutorial is to increase the awareness of concepts, principles, methods and techniques related to risk management of distributed software development. By means of examples, various kinds of risk situations occurring in distributed development will be discussed and suitable methods to manage them will be presented. The focus will be on the risk prevention and identification of various risk situations. These situations will be presented from the point of view of both the vendor and the customer. We intend to discuss the differences of risk management in two distributed software development models: offshore outsourcing (contracting services with an external company) and internal offshoring (contracting with a wholly owned subsidiary). A variety of guidelines and standards used in the distributed software development will be presented from both technical and economic aspects being based on different DSD business models.
The tutorial fits the multidisciplinary audience with interest in distributed software engineering. The software is nowadays developed in variety of forms in organizations spanning beyond one nation boundaries, and requiring conformance with variety of guidelines and standards. Thus, software engineers, project managers, and anyone involved in distributed software development may benefit from the tutorial. The tutorial provides a jump-start for engineers who want to apply practical risk management techniques. Due to breadth-first nature of the tutorial, no specific pre-requisites are required.

The tutorial is structured as follows:
  1. DSD business models: offshore outsourcing vs. internal offshoring
  2. Risk management related to distributed software development
    • What is different?
  3. Managing risk in DSD
    • The perspective of different decision levels
    • Risks based on the DSD business models
  4. Methods and techniques for risk management in DSD
    • Risk identification, prioritization, mitigation
About the tutor(s)

Juho Mäkiö is the department leader in the Research Centre of Information Technology (FZI) in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is also project manager of the compound project OUTHORE ( in which one of the major goals is the development of tools to predict and to manage risks bounded with offshore software development.

Rafael Prikladnicki is assistant professor at PUCRS, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He is one of the leaders of the MuNDDoS research group on distributed software development at the same University, and an active researcher in this area since 2002. He is a co-author of the first book in Portuguese about distributed software development, and has several journal and conference papers related to DSD and risk management.