Bangalore Fort and Palace International Conference on
Global Software Engineering

ICGSE 2008
Bangalore, India
August 17-20, 2008

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  TECHNICAL PROGRAM (please click below to see the detailed program for each day)

Monday Aug 18 | Tuesday Aug 19 | Wednesday Aug 20

Keynote talk
Session Chair: Bikram Sengupta
Wednesday Aug 20, 09:20am-10:30am

Meeting Complexities Head-On: Leveraging Global Software Development for Competitiveness, Deependra Moitra

Session: Industry track I
Session Chair: Alberto Avritzer
Wednesday Aug 20, 11:00am-12:30pm

Global Software Development: Who Does It?, Andrew Begel, Nachiappan Nagappan

ESB Enablement of an International Corporate Acquisition, an Experience Report, Philip Hartman

Beyond Cost Reduction - Using Collaboration to Increase Innovation in Global Software Development Projects, Peter Brooks, Theodore Forbath, Anand Dass

Ailments of Distributed Document Reviews and Remedies of DOCTOR (DOCument Tree ORganizer Tool) with Distributed Reviews support , Krishnamurthy Tv, Sapna Subramani

Session: Industry track II
Session Chair: Philip Hartman
Wednesday Aug 20, 02:00pm-03:30pm

Adopting Agile in Distributed Teams, Kalpana Sureshchandra, Jagadish Shrinivasavadhani

Continuous Improvement through Iterative Development in a Multi-Geography Environment, Jim Alain Laredo, Ravi Ranjan

Usage of SCRUM practices on global CMM certified companies, Mauricio Cristal, Daniel Wildt, Rafael Prikladnicki

Session: Education track
Session Chair: S. Sadagopan
Wednesday Aug 20, 02:00pm-03:30pm

Improving contextual skills in Global Software Engineering: A corporate training experience, Rafael Prikladnicki, Leonardo Pilatti

Integration Starts on Day One in Global Software Development Projects, Olly Gotel, Vidya Kulkarni, Christelle Scharff, Lonchrea Neak

On Developing a Course on Designing Software in Global Software Development, Patricia Lago, Henry Muccini, Muhammad Ali Babar

Closing remarks
Wednesday Aug 20, 03:30pm-04:00pm