Bangalore Fort and Palace International Conference on
Global Software Engineering

ICGSE 2008
Bangalore, India
August 17-20, 2008

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  TECHNICAL PROGRAM (please click below to see the detailed program for each day)

Monday Aug 18 | Tuesday Aug 19 | Wednesday Aug 20

Welcome address
Monday August 18, 09:00am-09:10am
Sowmyanarayanan Sadagopan, General Chair

Program Overview
Monday August 18, 09:10am-09:20am
Filippo Lanubile and Bikram Sengupta, Program Chairs

Keynote talk
Session Chair: S. Sadagopan
Monday August 18, 09:20am-10:30am
Software "manufacturing" - the meeting ground for art and science, K. Subrahmaniam

Session: Good Practices
Session Chair: Jürgen Muench
Monday August 18, 11:00am-12:30pm

On the Suitability of Particular Software Development Roles to Global Software Development, Michael Lane, Par Agerfalk

Having a Foot on Each Shore - Bridging Global Software Development in the Case of SMEs, Ita Richardson, Gabriela Avram, Sadhana Deshpande, Val Casey

Guidelines for Effective Bridging in Global Software Engineering, Allen Milewski, Marilyn Tremaine, Richard Egan, Suling Zhang, Felix Köbler, Patrick O'Sullivan

Session: Communication
Session Chair: Allen Milewski
Monday August 18, 02:00pm-03:30pm

A Comparative Empirical Study of Communication in Distributed and Collocated Development Teams, Ban Al-Ani, Keith Edwards

Global software development and delay: Does distance still matter?, Thanh Nguyen, Timo Wolf, Daniela Damian

Experiences of Instant Messaging in Global Software Development Projects: A Multiple Case Study,Tuomas Niinimäki, Casper Lassenius

Session: Process
Session Chair: Rafael Prikladnicki
Monday August 18,, 04:00pm-05:30pm

Implementing Software Process Improvement Initiatives: An Analysis of Vietnamese Practitioners' Views, Muhammad Ali Babar, Mahmood Niazi

Experiences with Agile Practices in the Global Studio Project, Roger Urdangarin, Paulo Fernandes, Alberto Avritzer, Daniel Paulish

Distributed Agile Development: Using Scrum in a Large Project, Maria Paasivaara, Sandra Durasiewicz, Casper Lassenius